TePe Communicator Case

TePe Communicator Case


The TePe Communicator is the perfect visual aid for instructing patients in oral hygiene techniques. Along with a range of TePe interdental brushes and toothbrushes this case also includes out latest mouth model to aid in the demonstration of how to use TePe products.



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The kit includes:

TePe Interdental Brushes

TePe Toothbrushes

TePe Specialist Brushes

TePe EasyPicks

Additional Items

Original – Pink to Black


Special Care

EasyPick XS/S

Gingival Gel

Extra Soft – Orange to Purple

Nova Soft

Implant Orthodontic

EasyPick M/L

GOOD Mini Flosser

Cap for Original & Extra Soft Brushes

Supreme Compact

Interspace Medium

EasyPick Travel Case

Dental Tape 5m

Angle – Pink to Green

GOOD Regular

Compact Tuft

3D Printed Model

Cap for Angle Brushes

Compact X-Soft

Universal Care

GOOD Mini X-Soft